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An exciting new auction-related Quiz game, where you can win great prizes and rewards!
ArtBet is free to play with questions ranging from Art, Luxury Cars, Sneakers & more about upcoming auctions.

Simply predict the final hammer price for your chance to win! 

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Winning great prizes has never been so easy. We’ll regularly update quizzes to test your knowledge on what’s up and coming in the Luxury Auction houses. 

The steps are simple: users can predict the final hammer price of selected pieces for any given upcoming auction in the market. Make sure to turn on your notifications to view the livestream of the auction and climb the leaderboard in real time. Easy. 

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Artbet’s aim is to create a level playing field to everyone, a place where you have nothing to lose and everything to win!



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ArtBet is a free quiz app where you can win prizes
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